“Don’t you ever (blank) stop!”

These words resonated with me during a conversation I had with someone I ran with this afternoon.  Today I trained at Hollywood Beach. On Wednesdays I attend a  half marathon training meet up group that meets on Hollywood beach at 6:30PM. I ran 4 miles today. During my run I was able to enjoy great conversations-one in particular was with a real cool gentleman who was an experienced runner/triathlete. He provided some of his insights on training. However, his most crucial advice was about race day. He said, no matter what I do, don’t ever stop running during my race. Slow down/shuffle if I have to, but don’t ever stop.

Stopping is a slippery slope. Worse, I will hate myself for it afterwards, he said. Given the way he emphasized not stopping, I etched the advice away in my brain. I also knew it’s going to be important for me to ensure that I incorporate that discipline during my training.

This is the beauty of pursuing the half ironman.  The intertwine between essential training and life principles.


~ by gblyden703 on April 28, 2010.

One Response to ““Don’t you ever (blank) stop!””

  1. Gersh, lol. I knew the swimming would be your weak spot. I remember when I threw you in the pool when you were seven and tried to give you the big brother training, but you yelled and got me kicked out of the pool for the day.lol. Dawne did the same to me ten years before that. I am proud of you though. Good job. It’s inspiring. I will try and get back into a healthy shape. How much did your bike cost? holla

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