Advertising Age awarded this as one of the top five slogans of the 20th century. I believe this is the best slogan ever. Very simply, it brings attention to the most critical component of accomplishing anything.  The phrase serves multiple purposes, but I will highlight two.

  1. It is a constant reminder to not avoid the most critical component of accomplishing any task.
  2. It serves as a rubber wall that stands in front of you when you’re ready to hurl all types of reasons, excuses, facts, opinions, and theories about why you can’t or should not do what is supposed to be done.  After you’ve stripped away all of the theory, you realize it comes down to just doing it. Plan and strategy in hand, there is still one step that remains. Very simple. Think about it.  Next time you don’t feel like doing something that you know is necessary, throw one of those “excuse balls” against that wall and see what happens. It bounces and comes right back to you. The rubber wall challenges and dares you. It puts the ball back in your hands to make things happen. The wall doesn’t care about feelings or emotions. It doesn’t care about any unfortunate circumstances that you have to deal with. It only deals with reality.

I believe the slogan is so powerful because it transcends sports and applies to anything in life. Sports just serve as terrific ways to demonstrate the principle because they are a bit more tangible and quantifiable for people to see.

“Just Do It”. Those who truly understand and live by this principle are those we most admire. Results speak for themselves.

The concept can be difficult to grasp because it is so simple, unemotional, and just plain black and white. It’s easier to play in the gray area. For some of us, it can be difficult to have the ball in our hands, and take responsibility for the outcome. It can be easier to lean on other reasons that justify our inaction or a particular outcome. Perhaps it’s even easier to hide under the umbrella of something being “unrealistic”.

It’s clear to me that those who “just do it” are the ones who are responsible for creating the examples that others can later use to identify as something being “realistic” or not.  For some, nothing is “realistic” until it has been proven done. For others, it still doesn’t make a difference. The gap that stands between reality and something being unrealistic is the action of just doing “it”. If we wait for circumstances to be ideal, nothing will ever be accomplished. Things can always be better. Timing can always be better. I was reminded recently, that nothing is static and action creates possibility. Thus, you have to remind yourself to “just do it”.

“It’s not that simple”, some may say. But actually, it is. It’s a tough pill to swallow. Difficult? Maybe. Improbable? Potentially. Possible? That’s for us to prove.

Great commercial-You’ll see why .

Ironman Miami: 4 months away….


~ by gblyden703 on July 6, 2010.

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