Miami: Friend?

Miami: Foe?

Bicycle being adjusted

Chart used for bicycle fitting

Getting fitted for a bicycle.

Picture in between biking 14 miles and running another 3

Photogapher asked to take my photo after a run on South Beach. Why not?

Items for my transition bag -5.2.10

Run transition point - 5.2.10

Bike out transition - 5.2.10

Finish line at sprint tri -5.2.10

5.2.10 Sprint Triathlon: Exit from the ocean. Too exhausted to run.

5.2.10 Sprint Triathlon: Promise to spot the photographer and have a pose next time...

5.2.10 Sprint Triathlon: Feet positioning looks award here. Not sure if my legs began cramping at this point.

5.2.10 Sprint Triathlon: First triathlon in the books. On to the next one....

Quick pose by the finish line after the sprint tri (5.2.10)

My number at my first triathlon - 151 (no I didn't pick that)

Stretching out the quads that I felt cramping up at the end of my run

Massage after Sprint Triathlon (5/2/10)

Massage after Sprint Triathlon (5/2/10) - IT Band Stretch


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA you look like you were so DONE!!!!!!

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