My Mission

“Most of us go through life never coming close to our limits and living only on wishes. Wishes are important; they’re the start of great feats. Wishes grow into dreams when you are able to mentally “see” yourself accomplish this wish. Dreams turn into goals when a plan for attaining them is defined. Goals become a mission when unwavering self-belief and purposeful zeal are realized. Big challenges require mission status. The difference between a goal and a mission is attitude. Passionate commitment is self-evident in successful missions. With proper attitude, almost anything is possible. What you believe, you will achieve.” – Joe Friel

I decided to take on the challenge of completing Ironman 70.3 for reasons including:

  1. The Ironman is of a different breed and is part of an exclusive club- I want in
  2. Means for keeping myself outside my comfort zone – I like to do new things. I’ve never done a triathlon, duathlon nor a marathon
  3. Training for Ironman 70.3 would take my body to a level of physical fitness that it has never been before
  4. I’m an “adrenaline junkie”

My primary reason for taking on Ironman 70.3 relates back to the quote I pasted at the top. I hate the idea of settling. It’s important to demonstrate that I can push myself beyond what I may think is possible. Training for this one event will encompass all of the critical principles one needs to appreciate, in order to achieve great things.

An Ironman event requires a systematic, methodical, and consistent process.  There is an inherent timetable to the process. Unlike other events, it’s not something you can just will your way through. You can’t rely on natural talents, connections, or even money. You need to have a clear understanding of the steps necessary to accomplish the objective, and you must abide by the steps properly. You can’t cheat your body.

The blueprint for achieving challenging goals is the same.  It’s imbedded in the Ironman training. Once I’ve completed the race, the result will serve as a constant reminder of the blueprint for achieving great success.

I will use this blog to document my experience and share the lessons learned along the way. Since I am completely new at this, there will be many. Feel free to follow along.


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